Things to Consider When Painting Your Phoenix Home

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Painting a home may seem like a straightforward job that only requires a brush, a roller and a can of paint. Yet, with Phoenix’s extreme climate, there are unique considerations to ensure a quality paint job. High temperatures, dust storms, wind and rain can all wreak havoc on the exterior of a home. There are also unique challenges when it comes to painting stucco. Having the right mix of techniques and products is essential.

Timing Is Everything

Temperature and humidity are important to how paint cures. Thus, you don’t want your home painted shortly before or after a rainstorm. It can impact how paint sticks to surfaces. And, if a home is painted shortly before a storm with wind, dirt and dust can actually adhere to wet paint.

The Challenge of Stucco

Nearly every home in the Valley has stucco walls because it’s particularly durable in desert climates. Yet, it’s not the easiest surface to paint. It is susceptible to fading and cracking, as well as a phenomenon known as efflorescence which looks like a powdery white residue. Stucco can also attract and collect dirt and dust. This is why it’s vital to carefully surface prep a home before painting.

Call a Professional

During monsoon season, extreme heat, rain and wind are common. The wise choice is to hire a professional painting contractor, particularly during the summer months. A qualified painting contractor will use quality paint and painting equipment. They will also carefully evaluate the weather to avoid painting on rainy or windy days. Surfaces will be thoroughly prepped, which includes a power washing and crack repair.

Painting a home in Phoenix is never a simple job. To ensure you get quality results, call Ellsworth Home Services. We have the experience and know-how to ensure an expert paint job that is strong enough to weather our challenging climate.