The Benefits of Attic Ventilation During Arizona’s Summer Months

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When was the last time you thought about your attic? Unless you use this high-reaching space as an extra room or for storage, it’s unlikely that you give it much attention. Yet, attic ventilation is an important consideration in Arizona, especially during the scorching hot summer months.

The Reasons for Attic Ventilation

Sitting just below your home’s roof, your attic gets hot. In fact, temperatures can well-exceed 100 degrees during the warmest days. Dark roof tiles and shingles absorb sunlight and convert this energy into heat, resulting in quickly skyrocketing temperatures during hours of sunlight. This heats up your entire home and makes your air conditioner work harder to cool living spaces, like bedrooms and common areas.

Attic ventilation works by helping to shift this heat out of the attic, saving you energy, protecting your roof and helping to keep your home cooler. The air flow that is produced by a properly vented attic also helps remove moisture which can lead to the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew.

Unlike some home improvement projects which are easily tackled by watching a YouTube video or reading an instruction manual, attic ventilation is a job that is best handled by the professionals. It requires professional expertise to determine the right products and placement of vents to maximize the benefits of attic ventilation.

Ventilation and Insulation – A Powerful Combination

Combining ventilation with insulation offers the greatest energy savings. Insulation is a barrier between your home and the outside heat. This helps keep your attic cooler and minimizes the load on your air conditioner. At Ellsworth Home Services, we specialize in both attic insulation and professional insulation installation. Together, you will enjoy lower monthly energy bills, along with a more consistently comfortable home.

Why continue to struggle with an attic that is not properly insulated and vented? Contact the experts at Ellsworth Home Services. Serving you throughout the Valley of the Sun, you don’t need to struggle with summer’s powerful heat any longer. Call us at 480-593-2265.