Summer Exterior Paint Projects: What You Need to Know

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Tired of looking at cracks, chips and faded paint on your home’s exterior walls and trim? In the bright Arizona sun, there’s no hiding a paintjob that is past its prime. However, there are factors to consider before painting your home, especially during the summer.

Hot, Hot, Hot

There’s no getting around the fact that it’s darn hot in the greater Phoenix area. The average summer high hovers around 107 degrees. This means that your home’s walls top out at about 120 degrees. It’s also a fact that the ideal paint temperature is about 70 degrees.

Not only is it more difficult to paint in the heat, the heat also affects the quality of the paint before it goes on the wall, causing it to thicken. At Ellsworth Home Services, we’re experts in exterior painting in these tough conditions. We know which side of your home to start on to avoid direct sunlight and to maximize shade. We understand the fine details of prepping, drying times, double coats and more.

Monsoon Challenges

The desert heat becomes more complex during monsoon season. Fast-paced storms with high humidity, pounding rain, dust and wind can also damage a newly painted home. Timing is everything when it comes to painting. Let us time it right for you so that you get a quality paint job that you can be proud of all year long.

Quality Materials

Your paint job will only be as good as the materials that are used. In Arizona, with its harsh conditions, you definitely don’t want to scrimp on paint, brushes and rollers. You’ll get the best outcome if paints are designed for all weather. At Ellsworth Home Services, we are proud to work with only the highest quality professional paints and materials. Don’t trust your home to anything less. Call Ellsworth Home Services today!