Spring – The Perfect Season for Exterior Painting Projects

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There’s an old saying here in the Grand Canyon state. “Arizona – where summer spends the winter.” In the Valley of the Sun, spring comes especially early. The moderate temperatures in the months of February, March and April are ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities including golf, tennis, baseball, hiking and… house painting. OK, some activities are best left to the professionals. Scheduling your exterior house painting projects before the temperatures climb into triple digits is a smart idea and a wise investment in your home.

The southwest is the hottest region in the United States. At an elevation of 1,000 feet, Phoenix experiences phenomenal sunshine year-round and extreme sun exposure during the long months of summer. Protecting your exterior siding or stucco with quality paints and workmanship is essential to the upkeep of your home. It may be over-simplifying, but paint is like sun block for your house. You don’t need to be an expert or professional painter to recognize the damage done by the intensity of the sun’s ultra violet rays as you drive through the neighborhoods of Phoenix. In more moderate zones, it is recommended to apply a fresh coat of paint every seven to 10 years depending on wear and tear. In Arizona, it’s ideal to paint exteriors every five years. Here’s three reasons why spring is the ideal time of year for your exterior home painting project.

Perfect Temperature

Average springtime temperatures in Phoenix hover between 75 to 80 degrees, which is absolutely perfect for exterior house painting. In summer, the surfaces and siding can get so hot it’s not beneficial to apply paint. Cooler temperatures in spring allow for ideal application of paint with normal drying times.

Dry Surfaces, Less Rain and Humidity

In spring, the exterior surfaces of your home (wood, stucco, brick and metal) are naturally dry and ideal for painting. As June approaches, the humidity and summer storms pickup, which create unique challenges for house painters. Wet surfaces or a torrential downpour on freshly painted houses can wreak havoc on the curing process of the paint. Drying and hardening of the paint is best in a totally dry environment.

Happier Painters

Exterior painting in the middle of a Phoenix summer heatwave is a tall order. Working outdoors in springtime, on the other hand, is a pleasure. The paint is literally easier to apply and let’s face it, happy painters make the jobs go smoother.

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