Interior Paint Trends for Phoenix Area Homes in 2018

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Just as fashions change over time, so do interior paint color trends. Here in the Valley of the Sun, paint colors tend to reflect our unique landscape and climate. As well, there’s a natural desire to choose colors that create soothing, comfortable, yet casual spaces. Still, interior paint trends continue to evolve, and the following are some of the most prevalent for the year ahead.

Muted Modern

Mid-century modern continues to be a popular style in the greater Phoenix area for good reason. Inspired by once part-time resident Frank Lloyd Wright, this architectural style is found in many valley neighborhoods. Colors, such as cool grey, robin’s egg blue and other soft muddied pastels serve as a neutral but sleek backdrop for the sleek angles of these homes and their furnishings.

Defined Spaces

With many homes being renovated with large open concepts, painting one wall or even half a wall can define a space, such as a dining area or reading nook. A pop of color, such as vermillion, aqua or fuchsia, can turn an otherwise empty area into a unique space.

Cozy Retreats

With our surplus of sunshine, many of us crave a break into a darker haven, particularly in a bedroom or study. Deep, light-absorbing colors can create a cocoon-like effect. Paint colors such as slate, midnight blue and yes, even black, produce a stylish and dramatic, yet comforting vibe that can create a space perfect for introspection and relaxation.

Ethnic Vibes

Phoenix residential architecture is incredibly diverse. From homes inspired by Tuscan villas to estates that reflect the style of Moorish palaces, there’s plenty of inspiration from far-flung places. Choosing interior paint colors that reflect a cultural connection is a growing trend away from the tried-and-true white walls. Even if you have a home that lacks unique exterior style, you can still create a global look by choosing paint colors inspired by ethnic prints, tropical motifs and indigenous handiwork. Rich, spicy colors such as cinnamon, plum, and cerulean can transform even the blandest room into an exotic, bohemian space.

Natural Reflections

Here in the desert, we are surrounded by natural beauty. Bringing the colors of our landscape inside can create a seamless, rustic and soothing environment that just feels right. Consider interior paint colors like rusty browns, goldenrod, terracotta and sage.
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