Interior Paint: 6 Shades of Not So Grey

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Are the walls of your home ho-hum and leaving you less than inspired? A fresh coat of interior paint can make a big difference. Yet, it’s not always easy choosing the right color. Many of us are fearful of making a long-term commitment to a vivid shade, so we end up painting walls a tried-and-true white, beige or grey. Not that there’s anything wrong with these colors, but there’s a whole rainbow of hues to consider.

Others of us flip through design magazines or watch home improvement shows on TV and choose a color that is the latest fad. While a trendy shade may look cool for 30 minutes, it’s not likely that you’ll want it on your walls for the years ahead. So, what other options should you consider to keep your walls looking fresh and inspired? Here are a few options you may not have thought of:

Pale pink – Many are surprised by the versatility of a fleeting shade of blush pink. It is warm, welcoming and makes vintage furniture look amazingly beautiful. While pink is ideal for a feminine bedroom, it can be an unexpected choice in a living room or even a kitchen.

Cobalt blue – A deep shade of blue can add drama and pizzazz to any room, including small spaces like bathrooms and hallways. Try it with a high-gloss black trim and a pearl-grey ceiling to transform any space into a designer abode.

Hunter green – The color of fresh-cut herbs or a favorite flannel shirt, this tried and true shade of green adds richness and depth to any home, even here in the Valley of the Sun. A true classic, hunter green looks fresher than ever when paired with contemporary or mid-century modern furniture.

Lavender – A unique, unexpected shade, lavender is both warm and cool, changing throughout the day. Downright sophisticated when paired with burnished metal fixtures and neutral furniture, lavender is a favorite shade of designers that is here to stay.

Brick red – Red stirs emotion and instills confidence along with making a room feel cozy and inviting. Oddly, it’s also a neutral that pairs with almost any other shade. Even if it’s used on a single wall, red offers a tremendous impact.

Chocolate brown – Don’t be reluctant to try a rich shade like chocolate brown. It’s surprisingly versatile and can add character to an otherwise ordinary space.

At Ellsworth Home Services, we take interior painting seriously. This is why we use quality materials from Dunn-Edwards and Sherwin-Williams for every job. Why keep putting off that paint project? We’re here to help, and you’re only a call away from turning those boring walls into the stunning backdrop of your amazing home. Call us at 480-593-2265.