The Importance of Replacing Your HVAC System Air Filter

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When was the last time you replaced your HVAC system air filter? If you can’t remember, make it priority number one to do it today!

While the simple task of replacing your filter only takes a few minutes, many homeowners never think about it until something goes wrong with their air conditioner or heater. Unfortunately, they often find out that their negligence has resulted in a major system breakdown.

Besides getting twice yearly maintenance checks, the next most important strategy for maintaining your HVAC system is changing your filter on a regular basis. An old filter clogged with dirt, dander and debris is not only disgusting to look at, it also can cause a variety of costly problems.

Lack of Airflow

Simply put, a dirty air filter hinders airflow. This means your HVAC system must work harder to keep your home comfortable. With greater energy consumption, you have higher utility bills. And, the excess usage also decreases the life of your system. Thus, you’ll be buying a new unit sooner just because you forgot to replace the air filter. That’s not a good idea!

Poor Air Quality

Check out what is collected in your air filter. It’s not pretty. If this builds up over time, it begins to get recirculated through your home. If you or anyone in your house has allergies or respiratory problems, a dirty filter is a recipe for breathing problems and other unpleasant symptoms.

Make a Regular Date with Your Air Filters

Just like many household chores, you should change your air filter on a regular basis. This should be considered a once-a-month task. If you have multiple pets or if there have been dust storms, you may need to replace it even sooner. Most grocery stores and all home improvement stores sell air filters. Often, they can be purchased in bulk at a discount. Buy enough for six months or a year, and set a day each month in your calendar as a reminder.

Need help?

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