Fall in Love with Your House Again – Autumn Exterior Paint Makeovers

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From the breathtaking Arizona sunsets to the changing leaves of fall, autumn colors offer inspiration for Phoenix residents considering an exterior home makeover. Whether your current paint has faded, or you desire an entirely new look for your house, autumn is a great time to fall in love with color. Painting in the months of October and November generally presents weather challenges for many regions of the US, but in Phoenix, autumn is the perfect time to schedule an exterior paint job.

Has Summer’s Unrelenting Sun Kept You and Your Family Indoors?

The intensity of Arizona’s summer sun does more than just drive Phoenix residents indoors. The ultraviolet rays affect your home’s exterior paint much in the same way it affects your skin – it ages it much faster. That’s why Phoenix homes generally require new paint every five to seven years versus the national average of 10 to 12 years. Unfortunately, for your home’s exterior paint, there’s no place to hide. In fact, a fresh coat of paint is one of the best things you can do to protect your home’s exterior surfaces, be they wood, brick, stone or stucco.

  • Fall Temperatures Are Ideal – As summer gives way to autumn, so too, the temperatures fall. As any painter will tell you, the triple digit temperatures of June, July and August heat up surfaces and make it less than ideal for painting. October and November have more days in the 80s, which are ideal for exterior paint jobs.
  • Monsoon Season Is Officially Over – Arizona’s monsoon season officially ends September 15th. That means, the threat of major storms and the constant high humidity are no longer major factors for putting your exterior paint job on hold. Heavy downpours and dust storms associated with the monsoon season are gone until next summer.
  • Are You Preparing Your Home for Sale? – New paint changes everything and can increase your home’s curb appeal. Nothing can spruce up a tired finish like a new color – especially if you choose your colors wisely. Whether staying with classic beige or choosing from our extensive exterior color palette, Ellsworth’s experts will review color choices with you and present you with a complete estimate and plan, including timelines, so you know when the job will be finished and how much it will cost.
  • Home for the Holiday – Most Phoenix residents agree, summers can be tough but the autumn and winter seasons in Arizona are as near perfect as can be. Have your house painted in time for the best season of the year. Don’t forget, the holidays are not far off.

Schedule Now – Your House Will Look Like New for the Holidays

Painting the exterior of your home is not something you do every day. The process of performing a home inspection, choosing a color scheme, providing an estimate and scheduling the job is not going to happen overnight. If you call today, one of our experienced experts will schedule a time to meet with you and discuss options for making your house look outstanding in time for the holidays. Call Ellsworth Home Services today at (602) 244-1480.